Friday, May 16, 2008

Taking off in an hour

Melissa getting all her food, clothes, art supplies, etc. organized and packed in many little plastic containers. There will be order to this madness called camping. I stay out of her way. we take off in an hour for the Muskegan (sp?) Ferry today. Three hours of driving followed by a two hour ride, all three of us (melissa, me, the Volvo) floating across god's vast shiney glass topped coffee table called lake Michigan. Not cheap way to shave a few hours off the trip. I won't say howmuch. Though compared to rising gas prices, it's still way too expensive. We land in Milwaukee at 8:30. Tonight we have dinner at Melissa's cousin's house. Spending the night there too.
Drawings from last night: Post feast: Lydia and Melissa chat. I drew. Vince listens to Frank Sinatra on EP (he died ten years ago to the day). (we had brined Cornish game hens, Rapini with Ramps on Corkscrew pasta, and for desert Lydia's Chocolate Polenta souffle, home made Myers lemon liquer-- Delicious!!)
Second and Third Issac the old dog on his doggie bed.

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