Saturday, May 17, 2008

muskegon / milwaukee institutional

Arrived early at a depressing little port town on route to Milwaukee-- Muskegon. With two and half hours to kill waiting for the ferry to crossover the lake, we drove around, took pictures and drank watery coffee. Found this grey monolith (the picture on left) in the center of town. It can be seen from afar over the tops of the shabby houses-- a Catholic church that says evil mind control is alive and well in Muskegon. On the opposite side of the lake and end of the color spectrum is this angelic white building -- The Wisconsin Museum of Art. We got up early the following day to see it's rib like flaps open. Looked like a moth unfurling wings to dry in the sun. Apparently this happens every morning at ten a.m. I'll take my religion white and fluttery over Darth Vadar oppressive any day.

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